Organization Culture Assessment

Culture Survey - Improve
Culture Survey - Improve

Today’s organizations, no matter the size, are looking for ways to improve their performance. Problems such as absenteeism, employee turnover, employee productivity,  customer satisfaction levels all affect the bottom line.

Today’s business problem is a culture problem. A strong culture can result in increased performance. Ensuring everyone is working together, with the same business goals, will drive any organization in the right direction.

Why an Organization Culture Assessment?

A culture assessment helps uncover cultural issues that organizations face and gives them the tools to create the environment that will impact the bottom line. It helps gain insight on how the organization behaves so you can make adjustments in work strategy, leadership approach, and organizational structure.

Improved employee engagement leads to improved performance. Our culture assessment provides you with tangible objectives for change. It clearly identifies the areas you are doing great in, where you have room for improvement and what needs to change.

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Our Culture Assessment

Our culture assessment consists of 40 statements that represent organizational cultural behaviors and actions. These statements are assimilated  in eight categories and we use a 6-point range.

The Assessment report has 8 categories which in alphabetical order are: Adaptability, Business Communication, Business Processes, Business Relationships, Customer Focus, Leadership, Teamwork and Trust.

The 8 categories will be  broken down into 3 groups: Highest Scores Averages, (which reflect the strengths of your culture,) Lowest Scores Averages, (which reflect the opportunities for  culture renovation,) and the Median Category Averages, (which reflect the emergent elements of your culture to consider.)

Everyone in your company will get an invitation to offer his/her feedback to assess the organizational culture. It takes you about 5 to 7 minutes to answer the Assessment. A minimum of a 14-page report will be prepared and presented in a 60-minute conversation to go over the report and answer your questions.

Are you ready to get started?

The investment is only $50.00 per person.

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