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The Transformational Leadership Simulation

A Two-Day Executive Level Exercise

The Intentional Leadership Transformation Simulation is about getting people enrolled in a vision and tapping into the dynamics of Human Interaction that build sustainable Partnerships in business.  You will learn the four "investments" required to complete an Organizational Transformation to sustain your Partnerships and escape from the shortcomings of the Industrial Age Business Model.  You will achieve a totally new and sustainable competitive advantage.  This live, 2-day experience is a hands-on Simulation. It is not a teambuilding event, a lecture or a panel discussion. 

We have come to the point where the successful business models of the past century are failing us. Truckloads of standardized items . . .  the mass production model . . . are a thing of the past. Today’s customers demand customized products…. "One unit or experience at a time."

We offer a totally new approach to dealing with the new business paradigm, one that very few organizations have begun to employ. Mass customization and Partnering Relationships are being employed by a few organizations that realize and embrace the brilliance of this new business model.

Our Simulation Experience is the ideal way to understand this new approach. During the Simulation, you will experience a mass production slowdown. By lunch time, you will have worked hard to make the mass production model work.  You may want to quit.  You may be one of four customers who are very discouraged and doubt that their business will survive. It will be very clear why everyone will lose his/her job if something doesn’t change.  By three o’clock in the afternoon everything will have changed.  You will clearly understand, from a business standpoint, why the production slowdown happened and how a new invisible “energy field”, called alignment, was created that ignites everyone’s passion.  By 5pm, you will have achieved a New Success and you will know that the future is going to be positive and exciting.

From a business standpoint the Intentional Leadership Transformation Simulation reveals distinct competitive advantage that utilizes very different operating principles. Although simple, this necessary transformation is beyond the awareness of those invested in the old paradigm. Forget defeating polarized opposition; the new paradigm is not about "defeating" anything.  It is about creating loyal customers and doing it in an “effortless and effective” way.

You will "discover" the transformational answer during our Simulation. It will be "hidden in plain sight", a blinding flash of the obvious, just as it is hiding within your organization today. No additional capital will be required to put the transformation process to work. Everyone in your organization already has the creative talent required to create toward the new and different future for your company AND it can happen instantly in real life the next day.

Never before in modern business history have the “context” and the “content” changed simultaneously.  The Intentional Leadership Transformational Simulation allows you to “fly” your organization into the future and then make a conscious choice to begin the journey with your people.  It is a very “different” and unique form of leadership.  

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