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Learning Experience Topics

Learning Experience Topics

The Intentional Leadership Institute offers custom designed services for learning experiences on subjects such as: Sales, Teams, Customer Service Experience, Leadership, Managing Time, Dealing with Change. Here are a of some of the Learning Experience topics we offer.

    Social Styles

    Helps people understand and work with others who are different than they are in all type of situations. Work unit and departmental performance improve as a result of the session.

    Audience:  Everyone

    Duration:  16 hours

    The Intentional Team

    It is an experiential interactive learning process which helps the participants create alignment, open communications, identify their strengths, define direction and create commitment.

    Audience:  CEO's, Executives, and Middle Managers

    Duration:  24 hours

    Even Eagles Need a Push

    This learning experience is designed to help participants accept responsibility and challenge for creating the future they want for themselves — in both their professional and personal lives.

    Audience:  Everyone

    Duration:  16 hours

    The Intentional Leader

    This learning experience presents five key themes to lead in today’s uncertain and unpredictable climate: Change, Direction, Planning, Empowerment and Performance.

    Audience:  Mangers at all levels

    Duration:  32 hours

    The Intentional Salesperson

    This is a win-win approach to selling to get long term customer commitment. It covers four strategies — Getting along, Diagnosis, Presenting and Supporting. Salespeople will increase their conversion ratio.

    Audience:  Salespeople and Sales Managers

    Duration:  24 hours

    The Intentional Service Experience

    The Intentional Service experience combines the intellectual approach (skills, knowledge, competencies and abilities) and the experiential method (emotional involvement, core values, attitudes and inspiration). In doing this, we insure that the participants will learn and understand the Person to Person skills and at the same time inspire them to use those skills when the appropriate opportunities arrive.

    Audience:  Individuals in Customer Service

    Duration:  16 hours

    The Influential Person

    It helps participants understand the importance and value of a strong brand — for themselves and for their company. They get an appreciation of how brand differentiates them from their competitors and of their critical role in delivering on their company’s promises to customers.

    Audience:  Everyone

    Duration:  8 hours

What Clients Say

In 1986 you played a significant role in the management training which was provided for the personnel at Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge dealerships. Your performance last year demonstrated your abilities. I want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your demonstrating the same excellent level of performance in 1987. Please do not hesitate to call at anytime.

Robert D. Johannes

Dealership Development Manager  Chrysler Corporation

Thank you for your great contribution to our sales meeting. Without a doubt, the teamsmanship training had a significant impact on our sales team. Over time, we hope to realize the many benefits associated with our account managers and area managers putting the newly learned behaviors into practice.

Lawrence F. Leete

Senior Vice President, Sales  Steelcase

Your performance at the National Sales Meeting was your best to date. You have spent an awful lot of personal effort and commitment, far beyond the call of duty, to help to develop the “culture” of our Division. I believe we are beginning to see the light.

Douglas J. Livernois

Vice President, Marketing  Medical – Surgical Division of Parke, Davis & Company

A special thanks to you for an outstanding seminar on managing interpersonal relations. Your approach to both us and the subject was excellent, resulting in a most relaxing and communicative atmosphere.

Robert D. Sweringen

General Manager   Howmet Prime Metals Division

I thank you for taking the time to come to Cleveland and spend two very useful days with our Regional Managers from overseas. They believe that the process they went through was very helpful and they would like us to do such a course for their sales people in their countries.

L. Michael Hinds, Ph. D.

Vice President, International  Picker International, Inc.

The feedback we received from all participants on your presentation of the material was outstanding!

J. W. Mohr

Consultant  Caterpillar Americas Co.

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