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Tailored Learning Experiences

What to Expect

A TILI learning experience is a combination of Do-Show-Know.  This can take place anywhere, work, family, society, church or in the traditional classroom.  The learner experiments via trial and error (Do), within a given context (Show), and comes away with knowing what, how and why (Know.)

A learning experience allows the participant to discover their personal learning style and then reinforces each person’s unique talents, abilities and skills.  It also teaches the participant how to look at the experience through new eyes so that he/she can gain versatility and perspective when approaching new ideas and concepts.

The process of the learning experience at TILI begins with an Awareness session in a classroom type of environment and an assignment is given by the facilitator. The assignment has a Context (framework)  with a specific Content for Execution as the learner sees fit. The learner will experiment with the assignment in the environment of her/his choice, compile the experience and present it to her/his fellow participants in a classroom environment showing what was done and what was learned. The participant not only experiences the learning but also draws the conclusions — what (awareness), how (knowledge) and why (wisdom). TILI’s learning experience is designed to achieve all three stages of learning so that the learner can now incorporate this into his/her progress.

The facilitator in the classroom environment will debrief the participants by asking several reflective questions such as what happened, how did it happen, why did it happen, how can you use what happened,  what is the new learning and why is it different.

Our core purpose is to “provide learning experiences which improve business and human performance.” In our learning design, the participant gets an opportunity to practice the concepts and processes presented. The learning process is one of exploration, practice, reflection, personal mastery and growth.

The Process

Five steps take place during the learning experience:

  • Buy into the experience
  • Reflect on the experience
  • Conceptualize the experience
  • Apply the new learning and
  • Repeat the new learning in different environments

Learning Experience Topics

We offer a variety of learning experience topics for all facets of business.

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What Clients Say

In 1986 you played a significant role in the management training which was provided for the personnel at Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge dealerships. Your performance last year demonstrated your abilities. I want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your demonstrating the same excellent level of performance in 1987. Please do not hesitate to call at anytime.

Robert D. Johannes

Dealership Development Manager  Chrysler Corporation

Thank you for your great contribution to our sales meeting. Without a doubt, the teamsmanship training had a significant impact on our sales team. Over time, we hope to realize the many benefits associated with our account managers and area managers putting the newly learned behaviors into practice.

Lawrence F. Leete

Senior Vice President, Sales  Steelcase

Your performance at the National Sales Meeting was your best to date. You have spent an awful lot of personal effort and commitment, far beyond the call of duty, to help to develop the “culture” of our Division. I believe we are beginning to see the light.

Douglas J. Livernois

Vice President, Marketing  Medical – Surgical Division of Parke, Davis & Company

A special thanks to you for an outstanding seminar on managing interpersonal relations. Your approach to both us and the subject was excellent, resulting in a most relaxing and communicative atmosphere.

Robert D. Sweringen

General Manager   Howmet Prime Metals Division

I thank you for taking the time to come to Cleveland and spend two very useful days with our Regional Managers from overseas. They believe that the process they went through was very helpful and they would like us to do such a course for their sales people in their countries.

L. Michael Hinds, Ph. D.

Vice President, International  Picker International, Inc.

The feedback we received from all participants on your presentation of the material was outstanding!

J. W. Mohr

Consultant  Caterpillar Americas Co.

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