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Intentional Learning


We help people in organizations Learn, not Train. Learning is about discovery.  It’s about building awareness, competencies and self-confidence.

You can train someone how to do tasks because the skills they require are often one-dimensional. However, people skills are multi-dimensional.  They address issues such as relationships and attitudes that require an ongoing learning process instead of a single training event.

Our practice, which focuses on leadership skills, uses a process of learning to get participants to shift the way they think about what they do. Participants embark on an experience that touches on the behavioral, emotional and intellectual areas of learning. It moves the participant through levels of awareness, knowledge and wisdom. This “Active Learning” process requires a commitment as well as an investment of time from the individual as well as the organization.

Active Learning is a tool that engages people by tapping into their existing knowledge base and prior experiences. By using what they already know in combination with what the program will offer causes understanding and motivation to grow from the inside out.

Learning challenges people to develop awareness and gain insights. It encourages people to evaluate their actions and their way of thinking and develops the ability to apply new skills in different life arenas. Training does none of these.

Active Learning, which includes experiential learning and discovering “Ah-ha’s,” is the key to break through the barriers that are keeping today’s organizations in a holding pattern. The learning experiences that The Intentional Leadership Institute provides helps companies create better, more productive corporate cultures, loyalty and service along with viable results that are measurable on the balance sheet.

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Adult Learning

Our purpose is to provide learning experiences which improve business and human performance. The opportunity to practice the concepts and processes presented is key.

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