Intentional Leadership

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Intentional Leadership

Intentional Leadership

With today’s rapidly changing technology we need a new work philosophy. Don’t dismiss the only one out of hand; it got you where you are today. However, let’s tweak and modify it so that you can grow to the next step. By learning how to do this, you’ll be able to do the same when the next shift comes along.

Reinventing ourselves will become a way of life in the years to come. After so many years of good results, companies in the western world are beginning to limp and are becoming prisoners of what they "knew" as well as of their past success. It is no longer about teamwork or the sum of the parts, it is about wholeness; the interaction and integration of people- in the company, with customers, with suppliers and the community. It is about personal wholeness – self, family, work, spiritual and community. By keeping some basic tenants and adding some modern know-how, the new and improved work philosophy can take you to the next level.

The Five Domains of Intentional Leadership

The 5 Domains

The Intentional Leadership experience and the five domains came about after Carlos’ years in management. It was a matter of connecting the dots and seeing that one area relies on another. For too long, we have compartmentalized our lives. But now, in the age that we live, our lives consistently overlap. A significant transformation must take place in order to thrive in this new connected era. The five domains address that issue head on and help organizations and individuals alike to make a leap and achieve unprecedented results.

Domain: A sphere of thought or action that influences performance.

The 5 Domains of Intentional Leadership

  • Conditions


    Prepares the executive to do a mind shift and create the strategies conducive to change.

  • Compass


    Creates a dynamic context for leadership. It becomes the foundation for being and the filter for doing. It provides a shift from managing to leading.

  • Choices


    Defines the strategies that shape the organization that we want it to become. We discover the talents, abilities, and knowledge that we (as an organization) possess.

  • Commitment


    Moves power, knowledge, information, and rewards downward in the organization to create fluidity and responsiveness.

  • Contribution


    Addresses the culture of contribution at three levels: the individual, the organization, and society. It prepares us to create a clear competitive advantage.

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