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Carlos A. Sabbagh

Carlos A. Sabbagh

Carlos helps executives learn to leverage an organization’s resources in order to meet the challenges of today’s changing and complex business environment. To illustrate this, he shows executives how to deal with and implement:

  • cultural transformation
  • strategic intent
  • customer experience cultural shift
  • sales leadership
  • interpersonal relationship interventions

Carlos is the founder of The Intentional Leadership Institute. Previously he worked for Wilson Learning Corporation, an international company that specializes in human resource development. During his 15-year span at Wilson Learning, Carlos began as an Account Manager and finished up his career as President of Europe and Latin America. Since then, he has been a consultant in strategic planning and cultural transformations.

Carlos has conducted seminars in Latin America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada for such organizations as Picker International, Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, and Alcoa. He possesses strong expertise in topics such as interpersonal relationships, sales strategies, communication strategies and managing emotions and self.

What Clients Say

Carlos, a professional, I am glad we know each other.

Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Co-author The One Minute Manager 

Thank you for the contributions you have made to my life. Keep soaring!

David McNally

Author, Even Eagles Need a Push 

Thanks for your help. Enjoyed working with you.

Bob Waterman

Co-author, In Search of Excellence 

You have been a good teacher for me.

Charlie Joiner

President   Mead Imaging

I wanted to thank you for all your contributions and support during all this period I was in Barranquilla. I have learned a lot and you helped me reflect and think during moments in which the routine and my work would not let me do it and many times I did not realized it. Count on me whenever you need anything.

Gabriel Moreira

Trainer  Junior Sporting Club, Barranquilla, Colombia

Your values and your behavior are definitely something to respect and admire and I appreciate all the support that you are giving my people. You have always been a special person to me Carlos, and I will continue to look to you, as in many ways, a role model and how carrying out values and cultures is supposed to be done.

Linda Maxwell

  Wilson Learning Corporation

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