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Lee Rogers

Lee Rogers

Lee is a business consultant in business analysis & strategic planning providing  medium-size manufacturing and service operations methodologies for continuous improvement.  He was President/CEO of LRA Stoneworks, Inc. an industry leader specializing in the manufacture, installation and service of high-end architectural and surfacing products.

Lee has developed programs dealing with market research, business development, communications, continuous improvement, systems integration, strategic planning and customer service.

He has conducted team-based seminars in the United States for General Motors Corporation.  Expertise in Logistics and Systems Integration, Business Development and Product Launches, Budgeting and Financial Administration, Customer Service, Legal and Government Affairs, Effective Communications, Leadership and Management, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, Culture Change, Value Analysis / Value Engineering and Continuous Improvement.

Lee assists in the development and implementation of budgets, cultural transformations, strategic plans and evaluative criteria, customer service programs, business develop­ment initiatives and personnel interventions.  Supports leverage of organization resources and technologies to meet challenges of fluid business environments.

Lee is an experienced businessman with more than 30 years of executive experience as a CEO.

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